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By Popular Demand: The Ergonomics Of Dwarves

Dwarves make the ideal illustration of how range of motion, aka Kinesiology, can affect the anatomical profile of a race. And that affects everything else…

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Ergonomics and the Non-human

Ergonomics is one of those little things that can greatly add to the verisimilitude of any campaign. This article will show how to get maximum bang for minimum effort.

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Ethics For Sale? – The Role of Native Advertising

There’s a new trend in online news that is creating waves. It’s called Native Advertising and it’s already all around you.

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Ten Million Stories: Breathing life into an urban population

The sheer scale of a modern urban environment is something that we all tend to take for granted. It’s so hard to grasp it, because we only ever see the very tip of a very large iceberg – with far more than nine-tenths of it removed from our sight. In any city there are the […]

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Strangers sharing ideas: RPG writings in a Collaborative World

A guest article by G.F. Pace Additional contributions & Editing by Mike Bourke I recently moved to London from Italy. After a good beer (or several) in a London pub, I can easily imagine the environment in which Tolkien and Lewis (and so many of the other Gods of the fantasy genre) began to perceive […]

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The poetry of meaning: 16 words to synopsize a national identity

There are certain words whose literal translation can be considered telling when defining the mindset of a nation or culture. Most of these are identified after the fact, when a scholar matches a literal translation with a key insight into the profile of a particular group, but for roleplaying purposes we can define and redefine as necessary to employ selected terms as key indicators and giveaways to the psychology of a group or race.

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Shades of Sky Blue: Variations on U.N.T.I.L.

A book on the structures and natures of different governments within our world got me to thinking anew about perhaps the most seminal creation within the background of the Hero System – U.N.T.I.L. Specifically, thinking about who the organization is; how they fit into the policies, principles and charter of the United Nations; what’s wrong […]

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Life & Death in RPG Blog Carnival Wrap-Up

March 2011’s RPG Blog Carnival covered Life and Death in RPG. Full XP to everyone who participated with insightful and inspirational articles, and thanks for your contributions. Readers, you are in for a treat as you have many articles to choose from this month. I encourage you to read through them and make life and […]

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City Government Power Bases – Class and Level

This entry is part 3 in the series City Government Power Bases

This entry is part 3 in the series City Government Power BasesThe city power base series picks up again this week with thoughts about something you will not find in real life, but which affects fantasy cities in a huge way: levels. Think about it – most fantasy RPG systems offer class levels that create […]

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City Government Power Bases – Law and Affiliation

This entry is part 2 in the series City Government Power Bases

This entry is part 2 in the series City Government Power BasesIn the introduction last week I covered the goal of this series, which is to use the idea of power bases – where do fantasy governments, government officials and factions get power and influence? – to make your cities interesting places to adventure. Each […]

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City Government Power Bases – Overview

This entry is part 1 in the series City Government Power Bases

This entry is part 1 in the series City Government Power BasesThe topic of city government causes GMs big yawns. Other than picking a government type, you find it a difficult city element to make interesting for game sessions, adventures and city design. However, it is an important part of urban environments that should not […]

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40 Great Name Resources, Lists and Generators

Great names are critical for immersion. Name an NPC Bob and you set a bad tone for any serious campaign. However, even the best GMs get stumped occasionally on generating great names. Following are links to several online names resources, lists and generators. Before diving into the links though, I have a naming tip for […]

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