Help! In my Carnus D&D 4E campaign the PCs failed to stop a permanent rift to the Shadowfell opening. Now undead are pouring out like hallelujahs at a Pelor rave. So, what are the consequences? Got any ideas?

Here are a few I’ve thought of:

  • Wildlife flee in the path of undead. Most animals will sense the danger and make haste. They won’t migrate or permanently move out though. Not yet, at least. This means I can use fleeing flocks, herds, and swarms to add creepy drama, create sudden danger, or warn the PCs that something nasty is coming.
  • Shake up the ecosystem. The new danger will dislodge powerful creatures from their lairs and territories. This gives me a good way to bump the PCs up against critters too powerful for them. If the characters choose wisely they can avoid conflict. I’ll leave it up to them.
  • Disease. Where the undead travel or congregate I can introduce interesting diseases to the region and to afflict PCs with.
  • Patches of mist and darkness and magical evil. The rift might be warping reality a bit, which is slowly spreading. This is an opportunity to make combats interesting with various hazards.
  • Villages are freaking out. Garlic and silver sells out at the markets. Churches fill up. Con men start selling false blessings and protections.

So, have any other ideas?

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