“We can make it better than it was before – better, stronger, faster.”

(Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad)

Well, it’s done. Almost 6½ hours of effort.

That’s what it took to completely remove and replace every category and tag, and then reassign them according to a new and comprehensive scheme of organisation that Johnn & I have been working on for over a month. The Categories should now be more consistant and – for the first time – have actually been defined in terms of the content they will contain. The tags have been re-organised, and often re-named, to make them – and the tag cloud they generate – more user-freindly both to the flesh-and-blood readers of this blog posts (AIs can take care of themselves!) and to the categorisation schemes of other blog networks.

Hopefilly, all this effort has been worthwhile, that our readers find the blog a more user-friendly environment, and that no-one in our readership has been inconvenienced in any way. (If they have, I apologise on behalf of us both). Normal service has now been resumed!

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