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A gamer recently mentioned a disappointing lack of detail when his GM handed out a “pouch of gems.” The player wanted more flavour. It is difficult detailing every little thing found in a campaign, so I thought a small generator would help flesh out looting and shopping a bit.

You can use a single table below to make a bit of treasure more interesting, or use a combination of tables to make an item especially notable.

d4 Name Generation*
Method 1: NPC name + item (e.g. Akbar’s Inkwell)
Method 2: Adjective/Verb + Item (e.g. A Running Inkwell)
Method 3: Product Line Name (indicating a notable product line with its own special properties that give an item reputation, such as An Aqua Inkwell)
Method 4: Source’s Name + Item (source could be a notable crafter, company, distributor, supplier or retailer, such as an inkwell from Akbar & Company’s Fine Goods)

* Here are 40 great name generators you can tap.

d12 Value Added
1 Bejeweled
2 Filigreed
3 Enameled
4 Plated
5 Inlaid
6 Gilded
7 Decorated
8 Carved/Special Shape
9 Exotic material (mithril, adamantium, residuum, meteorite, obsidian)
10 Engraved
11 Precision crafting, a master work
12 Special container
d6 Special container
1 Velvet pouch with gold drawstrings
2 Small hollow statue
3 Metal case
4 Hollow book
5 Inside a bottle
6 Encased in resin
d8 Rough Condition
1 Dirty
2 Stained (e.g. blood, salt water, ink)
3 Charred
4 Acid burns
5 Bite marks
6 Magical markings
7 Cracked or bent
8 Scratched
d10 Quirk
1 Emits a hum when lightly struck
2 Is aligned, and repels touch of opposite alignment
3 Is designed to be a children’s toy
4 Is designed to be a pet’s toy
5 Its age is impossible to divine
6 Tends to point in a certain direction when laid on stone
7 Animals fear it or get agressive around it
8 Removes body odour
9 Attracts insects
10 Changes colour (i.e. mood ring, pressure change, humidity change)
d20 History
1 Was used to kill someone
2 Belonged to an impoverished child who lost it
3 Created as part of a marriage proposal but the lady said no
4 Previous owner was an adventurer killed in a dungeon
5 Famous crafter with reputation for art or quality
6 Was thought to be destroyed
7 Infamous crafter who often used fake materials
8 Rumoured to be cursed because of bad luck it brings
9 Worn or used publicly by a villain
10 Used as part of a betrayal and thought lost
11 Belonged to a cult
12 Belonged to someone who committed suicide
13 Found in a mass grave
14 Was a madman’s object of obsession
15 Said to have been created during a rare celestial event
16 Was cast out to sea by grieving former owner
17 Thought to be sold to a caravan who took it to a faraway land
18 Found in the gut of a terrible monster
19 Buried in the tomb of a great warrior
20 Featured prominently in a common bar song

Win a set of Green Dragon Dice

Comment below with d6 more Item Quirks or d6 more Item History ideas. Feel free to enter multiple times – each helps fellow GMs detail their loot better.

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