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A folder for every file: My Document Organization for RPGs

Introduction A week or two ago (as I write this) I was chatting with someone on twitter, and they wanted to show me a map they were working on – but couldn’t find where they had stored it on their computer. File organization is one of those areas that no-one ever really talks about, so […]

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Have WordPress, will game

WordPress has a lot going for it – that’s why we use it for Campaign Mastery! For a long time now, I’ve been thinking that it has many of the advantages of a campaign Wiki, and a few more on the side, that would make it an ideal platform for game documentation – with the […]

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Hero Lab for Pathfinder: 7 out of 10, but oh so close!

First Impressions The Hero Labs Character Generator for Pathfinder is an easy to use piece of software both to install and use. Creating a character with it is as simple as selecting the appropriate action on a series of tabs. Each item has a window that can be brought up to describe the mechanics of […]

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Directed Plots, Undirected Narrative, and Stuff That Just Happens

There’s been a lot of commentary over the years about different styles of campaign. Most distinguish between Episodic and Serialized campaigns, and many writers seem to assume that those are the only types of campaign there are. This is a position with which I don’t agree; there are more layers and levels within this classification […]

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We All Have Our Roles To Play: A Functional Perspective on Personality Archetypes, Part 1

This entry is part 1 in the series We All Have Our Roles

This entry is part 1 in the series We All Have Our RolesEverything that I’ve ever read on the subject has defined archetypes for RPGs either in terms of the psychology of the character or the abilities of the character. Filling out a team roster is often a case of players selecting from a chinese […]

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Google Groans: Misplacing the Rules

The Google Problem Has anyone noticed Google becoming less user-friendly lately? It started with the heavy domination of blogs in search results, and worsened with the loss of numbered results recently. It worsened further when Google started failing to find results that you KNOW are there because you had found the pages searching Google for […]

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