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Yrisa’s Nightmare and other goodies

There are some projects that excite because of their content. There are others that entice because of the track record of the creators. And some projects simply ooze style and content. Today, I’m going to write about a project that ticks all three boxes. It’s another product from Embers Design Studios, and its called Yrisa’s […]

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A Zocolo Premise: AetherCon is coming!

(As any viewer of Babylon-5 knows, a Zocolo is a marketplace or gathering place). The unusually observant may have noticed a new link in our right-hand Navigation. AetherCon is an idea that has arrived at exactly the right time – just as the required technologies and their distribution intersect with the realm of possibility that […]

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Digital Roles: Two Calls For Help

I can understand the appeal of on-line RPGs, especially MMORPGs. I thoroughly enjoyed games like “Knights Of Legend” and SSI’s line of computer-based AD&D games like “Eye Of The Beholder” and the “Krynn” trilogy, back in my Commodore-64 days. Even at the time, I thought to myself how cool it would be to be able […]

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