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Basics For Beginners (and the over-experienced) Pt 2: Creation

This entry is part 2 in the series Basics For Beginners (and the over-experienced)

This entry is part 2 in the series Basics For Beginners (and the over-experienced)I’ve been asked on more than one occasion what advice I would have for a beginning GM. It’s a question that troubled me; I’ve been GMing for so long that I thought I might have lost contact with the beginner. I have […]

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The Remembrance Of The Disquiet Dead: A Spooky Spot and Campaign Premise

For the October 2013 Blog Carnival, I offer a “spooky spot”: A cemetery that follows the PCs wherever they go…

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Location, Location, Location! – the Roundup and Wrap-up (for now)

Everything needs somewhere to happen, and in terms of gaming, that’s what the September 2013 blog carnival was all about. When I launched the Carnival, I outlined several types of suggested articles. In logical sequence, and synopsized, they were: Choosing/Designing a location; Improvising a location; Describing a location; Representing a Location with battlemaps; Modifying locations […]

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Still More Wonders: Fifteen Amazing Locations for a Sci-Fi RPG

Officially, the Blog Carnival for September finished on Monday, and the October Blog Carnival has already started at first-time host of Dice and Dragons on the Halloween-inspired subject of “Spooky Spots” (best of luck with it, Scot!) – but I had one more article that I wanted to sneak under the wire. My last two […]

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Five More Wonders: Another assortment of Locations for a fantasy RPG

Last Thursday I delivered six locations for GMs to insert into their campaigns that celebrated the fantastic. You could argue that at least one Wonder Of The game-World should reflect what is unique about that particular campaign, and that by leaving a slot free, I achieved the mythical seven; but that presupposes that each of […]

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Six Wonders: A selected assortment of Wondrous Locations for a fantasy RPG

As a final dénouement of the articles on Wondrous Locations, I am offering a collection of wondrous places, all of which have been created just for this article (none are from my past campaigns). These aren’t quite as polished as I might have liked (I ran out of time), especially in terms of the descriptions […]

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