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My Biggest Mistakes: A slip of the tongue

This entry is part 2 in the series My Biggest Mistakes

This entry is part 2 in the series My Biggest Mistakes We all make mistakes. Some are trivial – I mean, who really cares in the long run if that critter did d6+1 damage and not d6+2? But I’m talking about bigger mistakes, the kind that matter. I’ve got five of them, and as part […]

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Blog Carnival: Game Master Mistakes

This entry is part 1 in the series My Biggest Mistakes

This entry is part 1 in the series My Biggest MistakesMistakes – ones you’ve made in the past and how you got past them, one’s you’re making now and don’t know how to solve. That’s the theme for this month’s RPG Blog Carnival. I remember reading some great advice awhile ago: it’s ok to make […]

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Coinage in Fumanor: Windows into a campaign background

In a previous blog, I discussed converting prices from “…and a 10-Foot Pole” from I.C.E. and mentioned a number of campaign-related issues and background elements from “Fumanor: The Last Deity” that complicated the discussion, which I promised to tell everyone about at another time. Since it’s a good example of how to take a rules […]

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“The more things change…”: An essay on the future of RPGs

The following essay has been written as my contribution to this month’s Blog Carnival, hosted by RoleplayingPro. It contains a great many personal opinions. These may be wrong; feel free to disagree with me. No offence is intended towards anyone involved, and I apologise for any offence inadvertantly caused. Comments and discussion are welcomed, but […]

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Ask The GMs: Weather, Not Climate

How do you give your campaign realistic weather without overloading the GM with Admin tasks? Hi, both of you, First I would like to praise you for a wonderfully done job! My question is about weather in role-playing games. Let me expain: I’ve been running a campaing for a while now where the PCs evolve […]

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Happy New Year! – Lessons from yesterday

And so 2009 begins, and with it the countdown to the third most popular date in Science Fiction (behind 2000 and 2001). Funny, it doesn’t look all that different to the tail end of 2008. That shouldn’t be surpising, since it takes the passage of several years and quite a bit of hindsight to be […]

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