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Make your next black dragon unforgettable

Dragon encounters are supposed to be special. Black dragons are supposed to be nasty. Put them together and you get….crickets. It is tricky pulling off a great dragon encounter, especially when player expectations run high from watching movies and imagining Smaug and looking at gorgeous art in monster books.

The good news is you just need to be memorable. You do not need to be better than Tolkein. Just make dragon encounters fun and entertaining. Be larger than life when you game master dragons. Stand up on your chair and flap your arms. Raise your voice. Put on some heavy metal.

You can also make your next black dragon encounter unforgettable with this month’s Q-Workshop generator: roleplaying and black dragon, inspired by black and yellow dragon dice.

Create an unforgettable black dragon for your campaign by rolling for:

  • Mannerism
  • Goals and Dreams
  • Motive
  • Weakness
  • Voice
  • Smell
d20 Mannerisms
1 Gets loud and preachy about listening to and obeying them
2 Cracks knuckles continuously and cannot stay still
3 Laughs at terror and misfortune, weeps at others’ good luck, angers when people make jokes (about anything)
4 Gets angry and defensive whenever family is brought up (theirs or even others’)
5 Bad breath to the extreme, is a close-talker and laughs often
6 Self-centered, takes everything personally, needs constant reaffirmation
7 Blows breath out through the mouth in exasperation
8 Has a hacking cough and bemoans the constant ache in their scales
9 Constantly repeats what others say, but sarcastically
10 Has frequent and strong facial, tail and wing tics
11 Suffers an existential crisis and demands others tell them the meaning of existence; when stressed they repeat all the gods’ names in alphabetical order over and over
12 Has taken a vow of silence and mimes everything
13 They have alzheimer’s disease but get very mad when reminded or corrected about things
14 Gloomy, pessimistic and quick to criticize or point out fault
15 Thinks they are mighty and ought to be worshipped; demands sacrifices
16 Always apologizing, cannot make decisions, but angers quickly if they think they are being taken advantage ok
17 Greedy, grumpy and gaudy; prefers treasure they can wear and show off
18 Loves torture and violence and to see others suffer
19 Thinks they are charming when they are actually stuffy, arrogant and self-absorbed;
20 Has multiple-personalities – roll d4 more times
d12 Goals and Dreams
1 Enslave a kingdom of humans and become ruler of this land
2 Become powerful enough to kill their father or mother in combat
3 Gather enough treasure to fill an entire cavern and swim in
4 Become a god, gain immortality, be served by worshipers
5 Slay every unicorn
6 Establish a home base and grow it into an empire
7 Slay all other dragons of its type
8 Move to the city…and level it
9 Gather a set of relics and harness incredible magic power with which to destroy their foes
10 Recover the bones of their great great great grandfather and turn them into a magical throne
11 Make the twelve kings bow to them and serve their every whim
12 Become King of the Dragons
d10 Secrets
1 Is actually of the opposite gender
2 Fears mice and other small creatures
3 Is deaf but good at reading lips
4 Accidentally killed their mate and still grieves
5 Is in love with a human (or other race)
6 Allies with a devil to achieve its goal
7 Cannot say no to their children
8 Finds gold poisonous, even contact causes pain
9 Breath weapon does not work
10 Is hunted by several other black dragons
d8 Weaknesses
1 Chocolate and wine
2 Singing
3 Orc beer
4 Poetry
5 Goblin jokes
6 Pirates
7 Flowers
8 Fresh bread
d6 Voices
1 Sssibiliant, almossst a whisssper
2 Foghorn Leghorn, I say Foghorn J. Leghorn, son
4 Backwards talks, he does
5 Deep…slow…and…menacing (speak from your diaphragm)
6 highpitchedandfast likeanimp
d4 What do they smell like?
1 Ozone
2 Sulphur
3 Burnt hair
4 Vinegar

If you are a fan of the fantastic Q-Workshop dice that inpsire these generators, you might have seen the Q-workshop STRIKE dice movie. Well, Q-Workshop has released a Making Of sequel movie with behind-the-scenes looks into the rolls roles they all played.

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