I agree with Uncle Bear that New Years is an opportunity to make goals, not wishes, for another 12 months. The Christmas holidays provide downtime and renewal time to clear your head of the daily treadmill and get back to values and priorities. In addition, the calendar year provides a convenient crucible for measuring progress.

Last year I wanted to game more often and to try out several different systems. I overreached. This year I’m setting moderate goals that still fulfill my value of game play as part of a balanced life (which is different than game play as part of a balanced breakfast). Here are my RPG goals for 2009:

DM my D&D campaign every other week

Last year my group missed many sessions due to the DM not being available or ready. It’s in my control to change that, so I will. 52 weeks minus December, July and August leaves 40 . Allow for 2 other bad weeks and that leaves 38. So, my goal is to DM 19 D&D sessions this year. Hey, that’s a potential 19 TPKs. Life is good.

Run a sci-fi game a few times

I gotta keep trying new things in RPGland. This year I want to focus on learning a new game system and GMing a genre I have little experience in – sci-fi.

I’ve polled readers of Roleplaying Tips for game ideas and I’ve got a shortlist now, including one entry that surprised me. Once the D&D campaign gets into a rhythm again I’ll start work on death by laser.

Build a world

It’s been over a decade since I last created a fantasy game world. It’s time to dust off the brain and create. The world will be crafted mid-campaign, so some retrofitting will be required, but my players are cool about whimsical DMing.

Blog and E-zine

Roleplaying Tips turns 10 in November. It’s a lot of fun putting each issue together and benefitting from the wisdom of its readers. I look forward to another year of game mastering tips and learning to be a better GM along with subscribers.

In 2009 I’ll be posting to this blog as well. I like the conversations I see taking place on other RPG blogs, and I want to be able to comment and ponder in my sandbox with Mike Bourke here. Some posts will see their way into the e-zine as well.

Fun? What is this fun you speak of?

Finally, having more fun at every game is always my goal, regardless of what year it is.

How about you?

So, what do you see is in store for you and RPGs in 2009?

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