rpg blog carnival logoThis month’s RPG blog carnival hosted at The Bone Scroll asks us to revisit our 2009 goals and deliver a status report. Time to eat some humble pie.

Goal #1: DM my D&D campaign every other week

This was a resounding success. We missed only three or four sessions this year. This campaign now nears its conclusion, a milestone my current gaming group has not achieved before.

Over 20 sessions in 2009 the PCs gained seven levels and suffered three PC deaths.

Goal #2: Run a sci-fi game a few times

Fail. I picked my system and universe, GURPS Transhuman space, and got a few sci-fi novels read as well, but did not manage to go far enough in my learning of the rules and game planning to run a session.

Last week I ordered Traveller from Mongoose. My sci-fi interests have wandered into galactic proportions, and I feel a bit limited in my Sol-based Transhuman setting.

I also picked up the excellent 3:16 RPG: Carnage Amongst the Stars in September and pawed through the rules. It looks like a fun game!

Next year I must get my sci-fi fix in, whether it’s Transhuman, Traveller, Carnage, or option D.

Goal #3: Build a world

I started, paused and quit. In that order. Just too much going on. When I realized what I wanted to build and how I wanted to build it, I had to apply some Godin Dip thinking. In the end, I realized there is not enough hours in the day to tackle this project in 2009…or 2010.

Goal #4: Blog and E-zine

Success. Roleplaying Tips had 0 unscheduled missed weeks in 2009, which is awesome. That has not happened in a number of years. Thanks to Hannah Lipsky and Steven Bollenbough for helping me keep the trains running.

I did miss some weeks this year on Campaign Mastery that Mike had to cover. Thanks Mike! Next year I hope to have the same record for Roleplaying Tips and Campaign Mastery.

Overall though, goal achieved.

Goal #5: Have more fun

I had a ton of fun this year. Not only did we keep truckin with the regular game group, but we managed to get a marathon 30 hour D&D session played on an August weekend, plus several board game nights.

As for having more fun at each game, as I recently posted I need to focus on being more in the moment and less worried about what’s going to happen next. That is definitely a fun dampener.

Despite that trend, goal achieved.

Personal goals

For my personal goals, which I did not blog about in January, I did lose 10 pounds, I did eat better (with lots of exceptions), and I did launch Gamer-Lifestyle.com with Yax from DungeonMastering.com. I did not get an ebook self-published this year. I only managed to fly out to visit my parents once. I did get a financial consultant. Overall, I’m building momentum in the health and personal energy department, but there’s lots of room left for improvement. I am also not close to where I’m at with my home-based RPG business, but significant steps were made towards that goal in 2009.

Based on 4d6 and toss the lowest, I’d say I earned a B+ on making and keeping goals in 2009. In 2010, I need to be more specific so I can measure things more precisely. Stay tuned for a 2010 goals post in the next month or so.

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