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Win a set of Elven Rune dice - details at end of post

Q-Workshop sent me a set of orange elven dice. The design and graceful script on their faces would give great luck to any elven PC or NPC, I’m certain. Very nice dice. Continuing on with the series started last month with a random political plot generator, this month we offer you a random high elf generator. At the bottom of this post are instruction on how you can win a set of this dice for yourself.

The elves of this generator are courtly, cultured, stylish. They are noble beings concerned with power and control. They think on a level higher than most, of leadership, influence and strategy. Yet, they are not perfect and have flaws and secrets that create weaknesses. Imagine having a weak point you must guard for 1000 years. How would that affect you? Such is the fate of the careless, unlucky or ambitious.

Create a high elf for your campaign by rolling for:

  • Name
  • Quirk
  • Motive
  • Appearance
  • Secret
  • Power Base

High elf generator thanks to dice generously donated by Q-Workshop

High Elf First Names

d100 Name
1 Aireia
2 Airewen
3 Alalastwen
4 Alneon
5 Aluthol
6 Alwen
7 Amanathstra
8 Amarmara
9 Amendil
10 Amhas
11 Anesariel
12 Anladhiel
13 Annier
14 Arduval
15 Ariloal
16 Ategied
17 Balthinal
18 Cathorthea
19 Conliod
20 Cothuah
21 Curufor
22 Daear
23 Datelhain
24 Daumelya
25 Detabeid
26 Ditelnaer
27 Eccawen
28 Edanguor
29 Edenion
30 Eldillor
31 Elesald
32 Elured
33 Enelaan
34 Enelsacd
35 Enrasr
36 Entaad
37 Entann
38 Erefor
39 Erhuns
40 Eruessa
41 Eruwen
42 Etannotr
43 Ethrihil
44 Etigedn
45 Faeliel
46 Faethorion
47 Filrahiniel
48 Ghilwen
49 Gildiril
50 Gutnuil
51 Gwestiel
52 Halin
53 Hanenseln
54 Helegil
55 Hohlirl
56 Ilagacd
57 Ilriul
58 Imhol
59 Itehalael
60 Lamwethiel
61 Laurenor
62 Legosul
63 Lelegl
64 Lidiah
65 Maethorarn
66 Marwen
67 Mellion
68 Meltinir
69 Nacihtuer
70 Nalath
71 Nalitidt
72 Narien
73 Natior
74 Ninarsaeh
75 Nothaar
76 Nulagebn
77 Nurelr
78 Olanis
79 Oriroan
80 Ormaethor
81 Radgarh
82 Raelairiel
83 Rahatr
84 Raina
85 Rainialiel
86 Ralitnuos
87 Renraniel
88 Sabaranna
89 Singal
90 Thodirien
91 Tirrahiniel
92 Torendil
93 Turathiel
94 Turraniel
95 Tursidhiel
96 Urdithane
97 Valanduil
98 Vanarathien
99 Vanira
100 Yavandir

Random Quirks

d20 Quirk
1 Absent minded
2 Obsessive about being perfectly clean and neat
3 Tends to fade off into some unknown train of thought
4 Wrings their hands
5 Keeps looking over their shoulder
6 Keeps shifting their weapon from hand to hand
7 Uses the same hand gestures in conversation as they do when casting spells
8 Obsessed with a specific weapon, item, person, place or monster, often telling long, boring stories about it
9 Gossips about other people and makes things up about others
10 Speaks slowly and deliberately
11 Always nervous with darting eyes, wringing hands, quavering voice
12 Speaks in a deep voice, pausing after every sentence to carefully choose their words
13 Near-sighted and squints at whoever is talking to them
14 Nasal voice
15 Whiny voice
16 Speaks fast
17 Everything is a competition to them, and they hate losing
18 Speaks to invisible people (spirits, ancestors or make-believe friends)
19 Hates animals and fears most of them
20 Speaks to those beneath their social class only through worthy third parties

Random Motives

d12 Motives
1 Discredit their half-elf sibling
2 Family home usurped by another house – wants to take it back
3 Mother and father split 150 years ago and now war with each other – wants to unify family now
4 Some day become Master of Magi
5 Some day lead the Grand Elven Army as general
6 His brother is to wed the one he loves due to custom, but he is determined to win her hand somehow
7 Make rival lose face before the Elders
8 Destroy the wood elf peoples
9 Disown their people and join the wood elves as a ranger
10 Gain great riches to buy court favours and be deeded their own elven stronghold
11 Grow their Minor House and make it a Major House
12 Become High Priest and begin a new era of Inquisition to clean the corruption they see

Random Appearance

d8 Appearance
1 Long dour face with prominent ears, average build but strong; wears breast plate and leathers to all but royal functions; long black hair and diamond hard green eyes; when not carrying a sword is making a fist.
2 Bone-thin face and emaciated body from disease early in life; long cloak with hood that hides face hangs loosely on their thin frame; grey hair and piercing blue eyes when face does get revealed; carries a staff for support as much as a magical device.
3 Bright round face, portly build and big smile helps them make friends easily; dressed in court finery but on the practical side and often with a few grease stains on their doublet; Coarse brown hair a bit too long for current fashion and happy green eyes invite everyone to laugh with them.
4 A red birth mark mars the cheek and neck of their sturdy face with a chin too broad to consider attractive, average build carries too many nights of drinking; workman’s clothes announces their lack of ambition; blond hair is tied into a ponytail a bit too close to wood elf style, green eyes always assessing; often wears a tool belt or has some broken thing in hand they are mending.
5 Delicate bone structure and learned face gain reserved respect, light build offers fluid movements and easy gestures; normally carries a book or scroll tucked in robes pocket, and tasseled cap completes the scholar’s look; brown hair tidily kept to the back, but brown eyes are glassed with wine often enough to start rumours.
6 A plain face, strong build and warrior’s stance meshes well with their combative demeanor; always in light armor well maintained and broken in, two weapons dangle at hips with more likely out of sight; long blonde hair and squinting blue eyes.
7 Pink eyes, pale skin, hairless body, slight build and raspy voice triggers warding gestures in others; garbed in white robes unless they mean business, in which case the scarlet robes are donned to further unsettle; more likely to make enemies than friends, some mutter about curses and taints.
8 The face of the gods, strong and confident, commanding and inspiring; strides in kingly silks, bedecked in fine jewels, though the enchanted longsword at their side gains respect from those not impressed by appearance alone; has a loyal following with several hangers on around at most times; fine blonde hair allowed free reign and bold blue eyes.

Random Secrets

d6 Secret
1 Fought for both sides in the war
2 Is in love with their sibling
3 Is a member of the court secret police
4 Is the offspring of a tryst with a servant
5 Unwavering loyalty to an ambitious parent, secret enemy of the other
6 Is on the brink of bankruptcy

Random Power Base

d4 Power Base
1 Power and influence derived from family wealth
2 Power and influence derived from high birth status
3 Power and influence derived from skill at arms
4 Power and influence derived from cunning charisma

Win a set of Q-Workshop Elven Rune dice

Post a random table in the comments below of either d4 Appearance or d4 Secrets.

For appearance, try to follow the structure I used: face and build; garb; hair and eyes.

For secrets, try to think up items that would derail a high elf, ones that would gnaw and fester.

Contest ends quickly: Thursday, September 23, so enter now while you are on this page and thinking about it. Winner will be drawn at random.

Have fun with it.

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