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What new GMing knowledge would you like to master next?

It is time for you to get selfish here and get some GM advice customized just for you. What ebook would you like me to write next that you would use to make your GMing better, easier, more fun?

I am wrapping up the editing on my latest product. It’ll be released in 2011, though I cannot tell you about it just yet. It’s a killer, though, if I do say so myself. Mike Bourke and Michael K. Tumey co-wrote it, so you know it is going to be detailed and have a gorgeous map.

Now I am looking at my text file of ebook ideas, wondering what to write next, and thought I would put it out there to you. How can I help take your GMing to the next level? What would you like to learn so you become an even better GM?

For example, Brad at Level 99 Games requested a book on villains. How to design, plan and run them. That seems like a potentially interesting topic.

I also received a request from a GM looking for help running large groups of players. That is a challenge! Would an ebook on that topic interest you?

Maybe you need a few Pathfinder NPCs, complete with crunch and flavour for instant use in your games?

I have several books on GMing sitting on my bookshelf. They cover an overview of the role quite well. I find they do not do the deep dives on many topics, however. That’s where I think I can help you best. If you can describe specific problems or areas you would like to see more techniques or tips detailed for, I think that would help you much better than developing yet another overview type book.

What are your GMing pain points? The more specific, the better, so I know what context, content and advice you need that would solve your exact problem.

Drop a comment below with your request, or email me. Your feedback and requests are appreciated!

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