Filling The Empty Chair by Johnn with Mike

Anyone who has visited Campaign Mastery over the last few months will have noticed the advert for our book “Filling The Empty Chair“.

Written by Johnn Four with contributions and editing by myself, it’s packed with strategies and techniques for finding and recruiting new players for your games. And it’s yours for the bargain price of just US$5.25 as part of the GM’s Day Sale at RPGNow!

What makes this product unique is that it’s a living document – we plan to make regular updates, and each purchase comes with a lifetime subscription to those updates.

So take advantage of this offer while it’s on the table!

* This special offer is now closed, but “Filling The Empty Chair” can still be purchased from RPGNow or Drive-Thru RPG for the usual price of US$7, and it’s still great value! *

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