Second Darkness Pathfinder drow dice from Q-WorkshopDrow are soon to make their appearance in my Riddleport campaign. They are part of The Great Game being played out in the background as the characters struggle for fame and power in the pirate city.

To help me GM the dark elves I created the following tables and references. Maybe they would be useful for your campaign too?

Following are tables I crafted for drow generation.

  • 100 Names – So I do not need to look them up during games
  • 20 Roles – To help flesh out the drow contingent (all warriors and priests gets boring) and theme individuals until it comes time to create stat blocks for them
  • 12 Pets – One way this faction will seem and play different than the other Riddleport groups
  • 10 Ambitions – Fast motive creation
  • 8 Habits Of Successful Drow – To help me figure out there approaches to problems, especially ones the PCs create
  • 6 Drow Weaknesses PCs Can Take Advantage Of – To inspire non-combat gameplay
  • 4 Drow Sayings – Check out the link; I just picked four I liked to help me roleplay
d20 Drow Roles
1 Assassin
2 Inquisitor
3 Priestess
4 Slaver
5 Warrior
6 Consort
7 Captain
8 Wizard
9 Sentinel
10 Knight
11 Psycher
12 Spiderkeeper
13 Vermin Trainer
14 Infiltrator
15 Avenger
16 Torturer
17 Seducer
18 Scout
19 Dark bard
20 Webmaster
d12 Drow Pets
1 Wyrmling dragon
2 Lizard
3 Goblin
4 Spider
5 Kuo-toa
6 Scorpion
7 Carrion crawler
8 Troll
9 Ooze
10 Gelatinous cube
11 Minor demon
12 Duergar
d10 Drow Ambitions
1 Dominance over rivals
2 Reveal a traitor or frame a foe to be one
3 Perfection
4 Gain reputation or prestige for deeds done
5 Recognition from high nobles
6 Acquire great wealth
7 Murder a foe (via indirect confrontation)
8 Continue serial killing
9 Slay ruler of own house and replace her
10 Blackmail a rival
d8 8 Habits Of Successful Drow
1 Blackmail and Extortion
2 Murder (do the kill yourself)
3 Assassination (employ a murderer)
4 Poison
5 Intelligence Gathering
6 Frame (produce false evidence)
7 Pre-emptive Strike
8 Propaganda (ruin reputations)
d6 Drow Weaknesses PCs Can Take Advantage Of
1 Vanity Drive them to rash action
2 Greed Motivate them in the wrong direction
3 Suspicion Sow dissension
4 Hate Create false enemies
5 Ambition Blind them with poor opportunities
6 Lust Distract with shiny objects
d100 100 Drow Names*
1 Barolin Fate, fated, luck, lucky; Ascension, love, lover, lust;
2 Yrr’Baediira Initiate, sister/brother; Protector, rival, wielder; Fate, fated, luck, lucky;
3 Bardyn’yl Drow, woman/man; Fate, fated, luck, lucky; Flight, flyer, wing, wings;
4 Maytana’vyrae Mistress/master, overseer; Beautiful, beauty, silver; Darkness, lurker, prowler;
5 Jhaelual’inil Ambitious, clan, kin, family; Speed, strider; Lady/lord, rider, steed;
6 Phyrriina Bless, blessed, blessing; Enchanter, mage, spellcaster;
7 Ice’Jhul Obsession, taker, taken; Charmed, rune, symbol; Apostle, disciple;
8 Alaklochareth Beloved, best, first; Messenger, spider; Obsession, taker, taken;
9 Istrysn Endless, immortal; Artifact, dweomer, sorcerer, spell;
10 Dinfein’ryn Berserk, berserker, orc, wild; Minstrel, singer, song; Blooded, elder, experienced;
11 Intra’Tsabica Envoy, messenger, prophet; Abyss, empty, void; Baron, duke, lady/lord;
12 Iivvyrae Liege, war, warrior; Mistress/master, overseer;
13 Mernar Doom, doomed, fate; Adept, ghost, spirit;
14 Ton’Uhlsaghar Darkness, lurker, prowler; Gold, golden, treasure; Cynic, death, end, victim;
15 Filfraema’bryn Dwarf, dwarven, treacherous; Crafter, fist, hand; Agent, assassin, killer;
16 Aonar’Erthraen Guardian, guard, shield; Mithril, resolute; Apostle, disciple;
17 Trieldiira Bat, winged; Initiate, sister/brother;
18 Shyntice’nolu Invisible, skilled, unseen; Obsession, taker, taken; Art, artist, expert, treasure;
19 Kalanagharrar Elf, elven, far, lost; Cynic, death, end, victim; Secret, seeker, quest;
20 Zekaghar Dragon, lithe, rage, wyrm; Cynic, death, end, victim;
21 Illiama Devoted, heart, love; Breaker, destruction, end, omega;
22 Bhindorl’hriir Craft, crafty, sly; Knight, sword, warrior; Seneschal of, steward;
23 Uque’Ghuanra Cavern, digger, mole, tunnel; Accursed, curse, unlucky; Fool, game, prey, quarry;
24 Iira’Dilarra Harbinger, herald; Cold, ice, still; Queen/prince, queen of/prince of;
25 Wehlrooslin Deep, hidden, south, southern; Born of, child, young; Arm, armor, commander;
26 Sharzen Dagger, edge, stiletto; Cutter, gem, jewel, jeweler;
27 Taroj Love, pain, wound, wounded; Aura, cloak, hide, skin;
28 Mollay Blue, storm, thunder, wind; Flight, flyer, wing, wings;
29 Alakgloth’dan Beloved, best, first; Path, walker; Speed, strider;
30 Jss’Phyxerd Scout, stalker; Bless, blessed, blessing; Giver, god, patron;
31 Belzt Burned, burning, fire, flame; Finder, hunter;
32 Micaroyn Lost, poison, widow; Follower, hired, mercenary;
33 Wode Bold, hero, heroic; Servant, slave, vassal;
34 Vrae’Iimarra Architect, founder, mason; Life, living, spirit, soul; Queen/prince, queen of/prince of;
35 Nolu’Jhaelriina Art, artist, expert, treasure; Ambitious, clan, kin, family; Enchanter, mage, spellcaster;
36 Ryne’Rauvfryn Blooded, elder, experienced; Cave, rock, stone; Champion, victor, weapon, weapon of;
37 Szoromphryn Amber, yellow; Binder, judge, law, prison; Blooded, elder, experienced;
38 Ree’Spiraxle Enchanter, mage, spellcaster; Learned, skilled, wise; Ally, companion, friend;
39 Rilxenaafay Foretold, omen; Cutter, gem, jewel, jeweler; Eyes, eyes of, seeress/seer;
40 Iymylene’nitra Endless, immortal; Handmaiden/squire, maiden/youth; Kicker, returned, risen;
41 Aunvayas’cice Crypt, dead, deadly, death; Forge, forger, hammer, smith; Born of, child, young;
42 Nolu’Bhinhriir Art, artist, expert, treasure; Craft, crafty, sly; Seneschal of, steward;
43 Nadrynor Cunning, genius, mind, thought; Blooded, elder, experienced; Fool, game, prey, quarry;
44 Solicaolil Deft, nimble, spider; Baron, duke, lady/lord; Corpse, disease, ravager;
45 Chaloniatana Earth, stable; Rod, staff, token, wand; Darkness, lurker, prowler;
46 Vrae’Xunisstra Architect, founder, mason; Demon, fiend, fiendish; Acolyte, apprentice, student;
47 In’Belagh Lady/lord, rider, steed; Burned, burning, fire, flame; Breaker, destruction, end, omega;
48 Tsabdynolil Abyss, empty, void; Flight, flyer, wing, wings; Corpse, disease, ravager;
49 Uhlserd Gold, golden, treasure; Giver, god, patron;
50 Shalee’G’eldriira Abjurer, gaze, watch, watcher; Friend, spider; Mother/father, teacher;
51 Qualyn’Tazatar Ally, caller, kin; Bat, winged; Queen/prince, queen of/prince of;
52 Aunynda Crypt, dead, deadly, death; Captain, custodian, marshal, ranger;
53 Antar’Iminid Matriarch/patriarch, ruler; Devoted, heart, love; Harbinger, herald;
54 Tran’Vicdriirn Spider, spinner, weaver; Abyss, deep, profound; Mother/father, teacher;
55 Vasavin Blood, body, flesh; Guardian, guard, shield;
56 Tran’Berglochar Spider, spinner, weaver; Graceful, fluid, water, wet; Messenger, spider;
57 Vornmyr Honor, honored; Bone, bones, necromancer, witch;
58 Elkomphin Chaos, mad, madness; Binder, judge, law, prison; Lady/lord, rider, steed;
59 Rikdax Magic, ring, staff; Nomad, renegade, wanderer;
60 Zen’Kronaxle Cutter, gem, jewel, jeweler; Sick, venom, venomed; Ally, companion, friend;
61 Vicintra Abyss, deep, profound; Envoy, messenger, prophet;
62 Ryldhrae’inyon Brand, branded, owned, slave; Heir, inheritor, princess; Drider, feet, foot, runner;
63 Waerffyn Deep, hidden, south, southern; Minstrel, singer, song;
64 Neervaidil Core, root, strong; Comrade, honor, honored; Alpha, beginning, creator of, maker;
65 Vayas’Kalanoj Forge, forger, hammer, smith; Elf, elven, far, lost; Aura, cloak, hide, skin;
66 Zaknlochar Dusk, haunted, shadow; Messenger, spider;
67 Omarlinhriir Skin, tattoo, tattooed; Arm, armor, commander; Seneschal of, steward;
68 Antar’Amald Matriarch/patriarch, ruler; Blessed, divine, godly; Blood, blood of, heir;
69 Aunune Crypt, dead, deadly, death; Diviner, fate, future, oracle;
70 Aunlin’yrr Crypt, dead, deadly, death; Arm, armor, commander; Protector, rival, wielder;
71 Elvandra’e Elf, elven, far, lost; Lover, match, mate; Servant, slave, vassal;
72 Laelthrae Iron, west, western; Charmer, leader, seducer;
73 Drizojtar Hard, steel, unyielding; Aura, cloak, hide, skin; Glyph, marker, rune;
74 Rylnet Foretold, omen; Kicker, returned, risen;
75 Trieluit Bat, winged; Breath, voice, word;
76 Driirn’Lymeyrr Mother/father, teacher; Bright, crystal, light; Protector, rival, wielder;
77 Inriinathara Hidden, mask, masked; Enchanter, mage, spellcaster; Glyph, marker, rune;
78 Sszolin Silk, silent; Ascension, love, lover, lust;
79 Lluteral Servant, slave, vassal; Iron, west, western; Abjurer, gaze, watch, watcher;
80 Jyse Hard, steel, unyielding; Servant, slave, vassal;
81 Welvdiirnnet Cave, rock, stone; nitiate, sister/brother; Kicker, returned, risen;
82 Jhuloyssue Charmed, rune, symbol; Binder, judge, law, prison; Arm, artisan, fingers;
83 Inxaeisstra Hidden, mask, masked; Orb, rank, ruler, scepter; Acolyte, apprentice, student;
84 Eari’Nathniss Giver, god, patron; Doom, doomed, fate; Chance, gambler, game;
85 Micaronim Lost, poison, widow; Rod, staff, token, wand;
86 Welvhriir’axle Cave, rock, stone; Seneschal of, steward; Ally, companion, friend;
87 Zszlochar Ancient, elder, respected; Messenger, spider;
88 Szinrak’intra Festival, joy, pleasure; Chaos, storm, tempest; Envoy, messenger, prophet;
89 Tsabaonar’uque Abyss, empty, void; Guardian, guard, shield; Cavern, digger, mole, tunnel;
90 Xunorvir Demon, fiend, fiendish; Crafter, fist, hand;
91 Mayala’lin Beautiful, beauty, silver; Healer, priestess/priest; Arm, armor, commander;
92 Tana’Felynva Darkness, lurker, prowler; Pale, thin, weak, white; Comrade, honor, honored;
93 Umraefrynquiri Faith, faithful, true; Champion, victor, weapon, weapon of; Aura, cloak, hide, skin;
94 Diira’Dhaunarra Initiate, sister/brother; Infested, plague; Queen/prince, queen of/prince of;
95 Masinonim Beautiful, beauty, silver; Lady/lord, rider, steed; Rod, staff, token, wand;
96 Drizlochar Hard, steel, unyielding; Messenger, spider;
97 Shi’nymma Fool, foolish, young; Drider, feet, foot, runner;
98 Bhineyl Craft, crafty, sly; Archer, arrow, flight, flyer;
99 Chalxae’rae Earth, stable; Orb, rank, ruler, scepter; Secret, seeker, quest;
100 Valzyr Black, dark, darkness; Sage, teller;

* I used this online drow name generator to create this table. The generator offers meanings for the syllables as a bonus, for instant NPC hooks, which I have included below.

Win a set of Drow Dice

Comment below with d6 more Habits Of Successful Drow or d6 more Drow Ambitions. You can enter multiple times – each helps fellow GMs roleplay their dark elves better.

I’ll draw a random entry January 23. Winner receives the set of dice Second Darkness depicted in the post. Enter now:

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