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The Thinking Man’s Guide to Intelligence for Players and GMs

A Message from the Writer/Publisher: As I write, a hostage situation continues to unfold in Sydney, as it has for almost 15 hours, capturing world attention for all the worst reasons. For those who may be concerned, I am completely fine. But I must share my contempt for those who have attempted to politicize events […]

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It’s Not ‘Just A Game’: The legacies we leave

This is not the post that I expected to write today (an ATGMs article), nor is it the backup idea (about getting into character) that I expected to use next week but was ready to bring forward – look for those next week. A confluence of completely independent events has sent my thoughts surging down […]

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Strangers sharing ideas: RPG writings in a Collaborative World

A guest article by G.F. Pace Additional contributions & Editing by Mike Bourke I recently moved to London from Italy. After a good beer (or several) in a London pub, I can easily imagine the environment in which Tolkien and Lewis (and so many of the other Gods of the fantasy genre) began to perceive […]

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The Soundbite Of Tomorrow is 140 Characters Long

Something of a change of pace, today. This article was drafted for Campaign Mastery, but didn’t quite fit; was then revised to make it suitable for a blog about Social Media, where it was rejected at the eleventh hour (no hard feelings, it wasn’t quite “on message” for that site, either); and has now been […]

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Dice And Life: Bio of a gamemaster (A 5th Anniversary Special) Part 2 of 2

Introduction to Part 2 This post – or maybe it was the last one – marks Campaign Mastery’s 5th Birthday (I don’t really count the articles that were posted before the public could read them). CM is the culmination of all my experience and expertise both as a GM and in life; I try to […]

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Dice And Life: Bio of a gamemaster (A 5th Anniversary Special) Part 1 of 2

Introduction It’s hard to pin down a beginning for Campaign Mastery. The idea had been in development for three or four months before the first article was posted, and had emerged from protracted discussions between Johnn and Myself about the future evolution of Roleplaying Tips, where I had been an occasional – almost semi-regular – […]

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A Blogdex Celebration: Campaign Mastery’s (official) 500th post!

The Timing 500 Posts. Wow. Really Wow. Of course, it’s all in how you count them. You could argue that by a strict numeric count, the 500th post was a couple of months ago, and you would be right, but only because a problem with an earlier version of WordPress forced us to break articles […]

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September 2013 Blog Carnival: Location, Location, Location!

Everything has to happen somewhere, and that means that locations are an essential element of RPGs and RPG settings. And that makes locations a worthy subject for this month’s Blog Carnival. Posts I would like to see as part of this month’s carnival are:- How do you choose a location? How do you represent a […]

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Patterns Of Unpredictability: Superheroics and the Stock Market

A long time ago, when I had an idle six months or so, I came up with a theoretical model for chaotic systems from a roleplaying point of view. I was looking for a way to simulate the behaviour of the stock market in the Champions Universe. The result was 31 pages of 6-point type […]

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The meaning of 400

400 is: One-fifth the distance from 1st to 2nd level in D&D 3.x One-ninth of an hour (in seconds) The combined strength of 38 average men in Pathfinder The length of a year, rounded up to the next whole hundred A Lebanese Card Game When I search my archived correspondence, the first mention of Campaign […]

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Remembering Stephen Tunnicliff

A friend of mine, and a long-time gaming associate, passed away from a massive heart attack this morning. I think I always knew that one day I would receive a phone call with that unhappy news, and at the same time, felt that day would never come. If having fun can be described as feeding […]

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Why I Fell In Love with Staves Again After 10 Years (PFRPG)

Staves have not been part of treasure piles in my recent campaigns, which is a travesty. I’m not sure when I stopped using them as treasure or NPC possessions, but that’s going to stop today. When I played first edition D&D, staves were given out like candy. Oh how we loved to roll them on […]

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