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The Spoor Of Darkness: Dealing with Spam

An article that is only indirectly gaming-related today. Most of that relationship is narcissist in nature, because this is an article about Campaign Mastery itself, and about the environment – the internet – in which it resides. But I thought it sufficiently important, in light of recent events, to publish anyway. The recent DDoS (Distributed […]

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No Post Today

I was almost finished today’s article when I clicked the wrong button and wiped out six hours worth of work. If not for a backup, I would have lost even more. There is no chance of replacing the lost work in time to publish, and no time to write something else – not with the […]

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Definitions and the Quest For Meaning in Structure

Back in Campaign Mastery’s special 750th post, I included some correspondence between myself and Tracey Snow which I reformatted into an interview format. Part of that “interview” went like this: Do you have a glossary for terms that you use in your articles? Your recent article where you try to define an adventure talks a […]

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A Campaign Mastery 750th-post Celebration

Welcome! It’s time for a really big party! This is officially the 750th post here at Campaign Mastery! But it’s more than that: It’s also, as close as makes confusion, our 7th birthday – you see, Johnn and I started pre-loading the Blog with content and getting into the necessary habits to keep things rolling […]

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Happy New Year! from Campaign Mastery

And so another year has either come to an end, or that end is nigh, depending on just where in the world you happen to be located at this precise moment. I’m posting this earlier than usual to catch as many people in the middle of celebrating the changeover as possible – It’s been 2015 […]

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The Thinking Man’s Guide to Intelligence for Players and GMs

A Message from the Writer/Publisher: As I write, a hostage situation continues to unfold in Sydney, as it has for almost 15 hours, capturing world attention for all the worst reasons. For those who may be concerned, I am completely fine. But I must share my contempt for those who have attempted to politicize events […]

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The Keys to the Kingdom Of Literacy: Stylish Narrative Part 6

This entry is part 6 in the series The Secrets Of Stylish Narrative

This entry is part 6 in the series The Secrets Of Stylish Narrative So here we are on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Spring (at least in my neck of the woods, YMMV). What on earth am I doing posting something on a day like this, when I am usually Gaming (or catching up on […]

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Fighting The Spam War

This is an extra, out-of-normal-time blog post to explain the new anti-spam policies that I’ve been forced to implement here at Campaign Mastery. The real price of Spam Spam is an unfortunate reality. It will never go away. Most of the time, Spam is like an itch that has to be scratched. But there are […]

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The Flunkie Equation – quick and easy Hors d’Combat

A few weeks ago, I described my processes for creating Partial NPCs, a methodology that determined how much NPC definition was needed for that NPCs role in an adventure, in Creating Partial NPCs To Speed Game Prep. This was described as essential know-how for the article that I was originally going to write and publish […]

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The Best: 2008-9

This entry is part 1 in the series The Best

A list of the hand-picked best posts from Campaign Mastery, 2008-2009

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