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Kickstarted Creativity: Two fundraising campaigns of interest

The final part of the Priest Encounters article still isn’t finished, so here’s something else readers might find of interest… I approach Kickstarter very much from the perspective of the consumer and possible backer. That means that when I encounter such a campaign, my first question is always, “Am I interested in this?”, my second […]

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Digging into Difference: A review of The Unconventional Dwarf

Warning PG-13 content It’s been suggested that I should advise readers that some of the discussion that follows touches on topics of a mature nature and may not be suitable for thos under the age of 13. Children should consult their parents before reading this article. Personally, I think most children these days are well […]

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Taking Care Of Business: The Corporia Kickstarter Campaign

I review Corporia by Mark Plemmons and its Kickstarter campaign as exemplars of what to do and what not to do when it comes to crowdfunding.

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Places to go and people to meet: The One Spot series from Moebius Adventures

For today’s entry into the Blog Carnival, I’m going to review a series of new products from Moebius Adventures – one free, and two at the low, low price of $1 (US) that collectively offer a trio of locations to drop into your campaigns. The candy bar of RPG Supplements Tiny PDF game supplements are […]

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The Color Of Pulp

Earlier this week I received an email from Richard Hetley, a writer & game designer from Megara Entertainment. Magara have a new kickstarter-funded project, and Richard was inviting me to write an article about that project. I’ve received a number of such invitations in the past, and turned them down (politely and with words of […]

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The Ethical Reviewer

From time to time, gaming companies offer us products to review here at Campaign Mastery. Past such reviews include Tome Of Monsters from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming in ‘Perfect Skin: Some Musing On The Design Of Monsters’, Players Option: Flaws in ‘On The Nature Of Flaws’ (also from 4 Winds), Nobis: The City-States from Pantheon […]

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Hero Lab for Pathfinder: 7 out of 10, but oh so close!

First Impressions The Hero Labs Character Generator for Pathfinder is an easy to use piece of software both to install and use. Creating a character with it is as simple as selecting the appropriate action on a series of tabs. Each item has a window that can be brought up to describe the mechanics of […]

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Creating Alien Characters: Expanding the ‘Create A Character Clinic’ To Non-Humans

Introduction Back in late February or early March, Holly Lisle’s books came to my attention – I’m no longer sure how, but it was probably a Twitter link to her blog. Several of her e-books sounded interesting, so I passed the information on to Johnn, who surprised me in late March by giving me several […]

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On The Nature Of Flaws

Disclaimer: This article was prompted and inspired by my receipt of a free copy of Player’s Option: Flaws from 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming, but it is largely based on my experience with the Hero System. 4 Winds did not solicit this review and did not recieve notice of the content. /Disclaimer So that we’re all […]

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Hexographer – RPG Mapping Dream

Hexographer RPG Mapping Software Summary: Hexographer rocks and solves wilderness mapping fast for RPGs. Even left-brain squareheads like me can churn out beautiful and functional maps quick with Hexographer. I have known about this software for awhile but only recently contacted the owner for a review copy. Erin Smale, publisher of Chimera, put me onto […]

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Eureka! – Some inspiring notions

There is a cooking show in Australia (it actually started in the UK, and a US version was recently announced) called Masterchef Australia. The goal of the series is to identify and winnow through the best amatuer cooks in the country until they are left with the one best cook of the bunch, who gets […]

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The Gold Standard: Mike’s Top Twenty 3.x Supplements (part 5)

This entry is part 3 in the series The Gold Standard

This entry is part 3 in the series The Gold StandardPart 1 of this blog post listed nine general supplements. Parts 2, 3, and 4 added three planar supplements, four supplements about magic, and four supplements about game settings and gaming environments. That makes a full twenty-count by my tally. This fifth part is all […]

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