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Grokking The Message: Naming Places & Campaigns

This entry is part 5 in the series A Good Name Is Hard To Find

This entry is part 5 in the series A Good Name Is Hard To Find So, here it is: a day late, thanks to the Easter long weekend, but better late than never! Normal Service will be restored next week… in the meantime, enjoy. We’re still working our way through what was originally intended to […]

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Carnus Session #13 – Bearded in Orcus’s Lair

Last night was Session #13 – Bearded in Orcus’s Lair of my D&D 4E Carnus campaign. I used to write session logs after each game night, but fell out of practice due to time pressure. However, the benefits of logging are too great, so it’s time to get back into the habit. Roleplaying Tips readers […]

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The Plot Thickens – Hooking Players Into Adventures

This blog post was originally going to be a review of Master Dungeons M2: Curse of the Kingspire by Goodman Games. However, once I got well into reading the module, I decided I was going to run this adventure for my Carnus D&D 4E campaign. It’s an excellent adventure, full of combat, puzzle, and roleplaying […]

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The Undead Are Coming!! A reply to Johnn

I started to write this as a comment to Johnn’s post “Undead Are Taking Over. What Happens?”, but realised that my comments were so extensive as to require a post of their own. Note that this is an extra post, my usual blog entry for the week will follow in a day or two. Here’s […]

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Pile On This: Undead are Taking Over. What happens?

Help! In my Carnus D&D 4E campaign the PCs failed to stop a permanent rift to the Shadowfell opening. Now undead are pouring out like hallelujahs at a Pelor rave. So, what are the consequences? Got any ideas? Here are a few I’ve thought of: Wildlife flee in the path of undead. Most animals will […]

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