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Ask The GMs: On Big Dungeons

How do you make Big Dungeons interesting? It’s not a simple proposition; very dependent on your source material, you may have to dig far deeper into what you have been presented with in order to achieve success. This question comes from Tom, who wrote: I DM a Pathfinder game, where the module is coming to […]

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11 Table Rules For Speed

Slow combats kill games. This hard truth frustrates you and I because, as GMs, we feel it’s our responsibility to facilitate fast, sleek and exciting sessions. When combat grinds, you end up with fewer encounters in a session. Fewer encounters means less story told, less adventure and less fun. Combat grind also saps your players’ […]

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Grokking The Message: Naming Places & Campaigns

This entry is part 5 in the series A Good Name Is Hard To Find

This entry is part 5 in the series A Good Name Is Hard To Find So, here it is: a day late, thanks to the Easter long weekend, but better late than never! Normal Service will be restored next week… in the meantime, enjoy. We’re still working our way through what was originally intended to […]

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Evil GM Tricks For Over-Resting PCs

Have you heard of the five minute adventuring day? The characters blow their powers in the first combat each day and then choose to rest so they are fully charged tomorrow for the next challenge. This is not only boring, it’s terrible storytelling. We just posted a new lesson in the Faster Combat course for […]

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What’s In Store For Johnn In 2012?

Last week I revealed my crash and burn in 2011 and a new commitment to not biting off more than I can chew. So this week’s post is going to be a bit on the conservative side, and I’m going to talk a little about my plans for 2012 and a little about where I […]

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2011 In Review For Johnn

2011 was a great year and a terrible year for me for writing and gaming. I suffered a bit of burn out, got a couple of awesome gaming products published and gamed monthly instead of every other week for much of 2011. Let’s delve into my goals for last year, and then I’ll reveal my […]

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Five (Plus One!) Effective Combat Tactics for Assassins

Here’s another excerpt from Assassin’s Amulet while you’re all waiting for the announcement of the winner of the cover contest. This is taken from the GM Advice chapter and first appeared in this week’s Roleplaying Tips. Many GMs struggle with running killer NPCs. One big goal of the book is to arm you with enough […]

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50 Assassin Hooks

An edited excerpt from the upcoming book for game masters, Assassin’s Amulet. Assassins make awesome NPCs. Thing is, they often have paper-thin character development. Well, you can fix this right now. Start by giving your next assassin one of the tasty hooks below. Some hooks concern motives, others personality traits, and others situations or objectives. […]

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Roleplaying Assassins: An excerpt from Assassins Amulet

Assassins should be compelling NPCs in every encounter in which they appear. This article, an excerpt from the forthcoming Assassin’s Amulet, describes how to run Assassins as compelling characters to roleplay and deadly adversaries to fight. And don’t forget to vote for the cover! Step 1: Pick an Archetype or Example Creating an assassin NPC […]

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Announcing Assassin’s Amulet …and a contest!

I’m as proud as punch to announce the forthcoming release of Assassin’s Amulet by Michael Tumey, Johnn Four, and myself. Currently weighing in at well over 200 pages (we’re still doing layout so there’s no final page count yet), this game supplement will give you everything you need to integrate assassins into an existing campaign. […]

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My Game Master Bucket List – D&D Modules

Before I die, I want to run all these modules. That’s what I said to a friend the other day in Starbuck’s. We were planning campaign dates and got to talking about Castle Amber, the classic Moldvay adventure, and possibly my favourite adventure of all time. I waxed on about how I’d love to GM […]

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Fastest Pathfinder Combat Ever – How We Did It

Two weeks ago I reported on my combat timing and discovered I was taking the longest turns at the table. I vowed the fix this, and Friday’s session bore great results. Here’s the lowdown on how we did so well. Fight To The Death To Lift A Paladin’s Curse The PCs had just finished exploring […]

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