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The Best Of 2012

This entry is part 4 in the series The Best

This entry is part 4 in the series The Best 2012 was another big year for Campaign Mastery. By year’s end, I was running the site on my own (with occasional support from co-Founder Johnn, for which I continue to be enormously grateful) and writing all the articles. This necessitated more of those articles containing […]

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The Best Of 2011

This entry is part 3 in the series The Best

A list of the hand-picked best posts from Campaign Mastery that were published in 2011

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My Table Runneth Over – An Update

Hungry of has been a long-time supporter of Campaign Mastery through his recently-retitled “Friday Faves” column and was kind enough to pen a few words of response to my hypothetical solutions to the problem of too many players since he has real-world experience from both sides of the gaming table. Unfortunately, a problem with […]

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The Best Of 2010

This entry is part 2 in the series The Best

The best articles published at Campaign Mastery during 2010.

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A Brief Heads-up: Why I may miss posting

A quick note explaining why I may fail to post the usual Campaign Mastery article on schedule (or at all) over the next few weeks.

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A Blogdex Celebration: Campaign Mastery’s (official) 500th post!

The Timing 500 Posts. Wow. Really Wow. Of course, it’s all in how you count them. You could argue that by a strict numeric count, the 500th post was a couple of months ago, and you would be right, but only because a problem with an earlier version of WordPress forced us to break articles […]

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Social Media, SEO, and the dying of comments

A change of pace this week, as I want to talk about some observed trends in internet usage patterns and the impact that they have on sites like Campaign Mastery. This is not only directly relevant to the value that I can offer our readers, but – since many RPGs are set in the ‘now’ […]

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On The Origins Of Orcs, Chapters 37-40

This entry is part 16 in the series Orcs & Elves

This entry is part 16 in the series Orcs & Elves I’ve got so much campaign prep to get done that if I don’t do it here, I’ll never get it done in time… ************************************************************************************************* Ooops. While preparing this post I discovered that in my urgency to get content produced that a couple of editorial […]

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A year in retrospect, Another in prospect

The vagarities of the calander and the publishing schedule here at Campaign Mastery have resulted in the need for an article to be posted at-or-about Midnight on New Year’s Eve – Australian time. the subject matter that this post should deal with seemed fairly obvious to me, as a result of that coincidence of timing. […]

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OMG, We’re Nominated! – 2012 ENnies (Updated)

Campaign Mastery is incredibly proud and humbled (and not a little excited-exuberant-exultant!) to learn that we are amongst the five Nominees for Best Blog at this year’s ENnies (Wikipedia Page) – (full list of nominees here). The competition will be stiff, there are many other fine blogs nominated (and even more that didn’t make the […]

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300, 550, 37, 40, 3300, 387 – Thank You!

Milestones are special. Campaign Mastery has just had two – 300,000 visitors and 550,000 page views. We want to thank each and every one of you. But even more than that, we want to thank our many readers for their loyalty; more than 37% of those visits are from returning visitors. Ten percent is usually […]

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Have WordPress, will game

WordPress has a lot going for it – that’s why we use it for Campaign Mastery! For a long time now, I’ve been thinking that it has many of the advantages of a campaign Wiki, and a few more on the side, that would make it an ideal platform for game documentation – with the […]

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