rpg blog carnival logoThanks to all the bloggers and commentators who participated in June’s carnival about what non-game media have most inspired your games and how. I was surprised by the variety of answers. I think there’s an idea or three here for any GM’s tastes. Good job everyone!

Lizard Games was inspired by the clone wars, which were not explained in the first series and offered a tantalizing link to a whole world behind the story. This and Jack Kirby spurred him to become an insatiable world-maker. In a second post, Mr. Lizard also talks about being inspired by Kipling and Larry Niven.

Fame & Fortune lists the top five books and comics that shaped his gaming. It’s quite a range too, from a serial killer to a famous playwright’s tragedies to an ancient Sanskrit epic.

Allgeektout quotes Doctor Who’s plotting technique as teaching him about episodic storytelling, which links episodes into a seasonal story arc that culminates into an annual grand finale.

In his comment James S says video games inspire him because of the challenge of bringing the flavour of a video game into the tabletop realm.

The Seven-Sided Die reveals that pictures speak to him. Images communicate what he’s got in his noggin to his players, plus they accomplish ye old story advice of show, don’t tell. Lots of interesting images and sources sprinkled through this post – good job.

Held Action cites paranormal podcasts among other suggestions that include Doctor Who and Kenneth Hite’s Suppressed Transmission columns. Podcasts? Super idea!

Late to the Party lists obscure 70s horror films and Appendix N (sweet sweet ref there my friend), along with advice about lifting story from other sources.

The Resurrectionist plumbs our own world’s history as having the most depth and shocking events to inspire your GMing. Quote of the day: “History is nuts.”

Creatively Anomalous riffs off movie trailers. This is a super idea, for all the reasons Will lists. He also reveals several soundtracks that have inspired him.

Apathy Games says TV Tropes and blog posts from sites like Lifehacker and Mashable provide Tyson his ideas.

Cody at Kingdom of Geeks narrows his wide array of inspiration to several intellectual properties. I like the anime references, which I have seen few others mention.

Worlds in a Handful of Dice offers Babylon 5 (Mike @ Campaign Mastery will agree with you, Jukka), the Lovecraftian One and an interesting Finnish movie, Raja 1918, which he says inspires world building.

Exchange of Realities gives us a trilogy of posts involving the novel idea of military reading lists, anime and anime soundtracks, and advice on how to let music inspire you.

Mythopoeia offers advice on assessing your game requirements first, then drawing from inspirational sources.

Tower of the Archmage quotes Greek myths, Conan, Narnia, Saturday afternoon movies (nice!) and art as his sources.

Finally, Mike Bourke of this blog offers a wide variety of sources ranging from reference books to TV series to comics and more. Lots of interesting ideas there.

What a great list. Thanks again to all the RPG bloggers who participated.

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