AtGMs Closed For Awhile

Thank you to all the GMs who have emailed in their Ask the GMs questions.

Campaign Mastery has built a large queue of questions to answer, so I have paused on the question submissions. I (and Johnn when he was part of the site) have privately answered everybody who had an urgent submission, and I’ll follow through with public, more thorough advice as I work my way through the backlog.

Upcoming entries

  • ATGMs 47: Regaining control of Undead PCs

  • ATGMs 48: Reluctance to try a new Game System

  • ATGMs 49: Equitable Face Time when roleplaying

  • ATGMs 50: What’s the best session length?

  • ATGMs 51: Long term planning and alignment shifts under multiple GMs

  • ATGMs 52: Big-scale gaming – Making & GMing Cities and Nations

  • ATGMs 53: Clue Hints, Puzzles, and Illusions

  • ATGMs 54: The Price Of Creativity

  • ATGMs 55: Deceiving The Players

  • ATGMs 56: Players As Characters

  • ATGMs 57: Traps That Matter

  • ATGMs 58: Getting To The Beginning Of The Aftermath

  • ATGMs 59: When Characters Fly and fire sharp sticks

  • ATGMs 60: The Undead Hunters

  • ATGMs 61: I Wish I Knew This, Then

  • ATGMs 62: Online Vs. Tabletop

  • ATGMs 63: Merchants & Commerce

  • ATGMs 64: PCs As Businessmen

  • ATGMs 65: Gaming An Age Of Discovery

  • ATGMs 66: Locations To Inspire Risk

  • ATGMs 67: Suicidal PCs

  • ATGMs 68: Tailing The Target

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