"System Fail" by DGBurns

“System Fail” by DGBurns

My computer is experiencing intermittent hardware failures. It’s been doing that for a while now, but it seems to be a bit more serious about it this time – to the point where I’m never sure, from one day to the next, whether it will even boot up, or – if it does – how long it will function for before the eventual crash. Some days it works like a swiss watch, and other days it’s a sundial at night in a dark, sealed, cavern.

It’s my impression that I have two independant hardware problems: one that functions when the machine is too hot (CPU overheating, or maybe it’s the 3D graphics card) and one that functions when the primary disk drive is too cold (won’t read from the hard disk). Annoyingly, of course, it’s the newest drive that’s causing all the trouble – my old IDE drives just keep ticking over.

Unfortunately, my present financial position will make it difficult to get replacement parts until February or March at the earliest, as I have to commit funds to some minor surgery early in 2014. So I have to struggle on with the failing equipment.

If, perchance, no article gets posted here on time or at all over the next few weeks, that’s the reason.

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