This month’s RPG Blog Carnival theme is Steampunk. My most memorable steampunk experience is Castle Falkenstein. The card mechanic at the time I felt opened gamers up to alternative resolution systems in much the same way Amber broke out the diceless movement.

Castle Falkenstein’s crazy universe was a cross between Jules Verne and Alice in Wonderland. It had delicious flavour. Alas, the experience was short.

In Roleplaying Tips Issue #363: Characterization Encounters readers pitched in with several steampunk resources. In celebration of June’s blog carnival, I’ve reposted them here.

1) GURPS, Iron Kingdoms, Constructs

From: Chris Whitcomb

I’d highly recommend GURPS Steampunk. Also, if you’re using the d20 system, I’d highly recommend Iron Kingdoms. They have mecha combining steam-tech with magical control systems. Along the same lines you might look at the Eberron campaign setting. There’s also an older book from Mongoose called Encyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs. It was all about golems and constructs, including construction rules for making your own (both in-game and out).

2) Castle Falkenstein

From: Wolf Bergenheim

A year ago I read a Castle Falkenstein novel, Masterminds of Falkenstein, by John DeChancie. I liked it. I’ve never really considered the setting before reading the novel, but afterwards I found myself thinking of perhaps at some point running a steampunk setting.

3) Steampunk Workshop

Cool site with instructions on how to make steampunky stuff, such as a steampunk keyboard and monitor. Ideal if you game with a computer at the table.

4) Steam-Tech, Factory, TOH III

From: Andy Goldman

Hi Johnn, I suggest GURPS Steampunk and Steam-Tech (by Steve Jackson Games) and Factory (by Perpetrated Press) for ideas. Also, the Tome of Horrors III (by Necromancer Games) has a Clockwork template to be added to any creature and is 3.5-compliant.

5) Brass Goggles

The lighter side of steampunk:

6) Fantastic, Mysterious, and Adventurous Victoriana

An index of Victorian characters and places:

7) Wikipedia Entry

As always, Wikipedia brings us great info goodness:

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