Milestones are special. Campaign Mastery has just had two – 300,000 visitors and 550,000 page views. We want to thank each and every one of you. But even more than that, we want to thank our many readers for their loyalty; more than 37% of those visits are from returning visitors. Ten percent is usually considered an excellent result for a website. 37% is extraordinary!

Another statistic that I am very proud of is our continued growth rate of 40% per year. Another incredible result! And then there are the comments – over 3300 of them, on our 386 posts so far. Enlightening, thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging, they have driven us to even greater efforts.

Sadly, Milestones also often mean change. For the last few months, Johnn has been slowly prioritising other endeavours, and working to fulfill other commitments. To make room for these efforts, he has now chosen to set aside his efforts at Campaign Mastery – at least for the foreseeable future. Which probably means he’ll be back in a month or two, since the best-layed plans have a penchant for cataclysmic disruption as soon as they are announced! I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Johnn, and I think we made a good team. I wish him well and hope to see him back in these pages on a future occasion.

What does that mean for Campaign Mastery? Not much will change. We’ll still post tips and content twice a week – most weeks, at least. There may be the occasional gap when Johnn would previously have provided a stopgap article, and – on average – Monday blog posts will tend to be smaller (at least in theory). I’m still hoping to open the blog up to more guest posts (including, perhaps, the occasional one by Johnn), and I’m still working on the sequel to Assassin’s Amulet.

Some priorities may shift a little, but the overall goal remains to arm and equip our readers with the tools to improve their campaigns, either by example, or by lessons learned through experience, or by offering insights and ideas and fresh perspectives.

And, of course, we’re not far away from our 400th post (this is number 387) – I’m trying hard to think of something special for THAT one! Any suggestions?

So here’s to the 300K. I hope you’ll all be back with us when we reach 400,000!

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