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Holy Book of Cleric HooksContinuing the hooks series, today we have a bunch of priestly ones for your holy edification. Many came out as missions rather than internal character struggles or personality quirks. More actionable than character-revealing this time around. Use these for PCs or NPCS.

  1. Sensing his wanderlust and noting his independent manner, the church has asked him to become a holy bounty hunter. There is a long list of foes, rogue priests and heretics who need to be found and brought back for trial and punishment.
  2. To become high priest you must have accomplished some great feat of good in the world, be true to your god’s ways and be true to yourself. The character aims to be high priest some day and has set out into the world to do great good.
  3. His parents were burned for consorting with devils, which has tainted him in the eyes of the priests and followers, but he has persevered. Recently he stumbled onto a secret door in the back of a storage room that lead to a dark place with chalk pentagrams, an altar and drying blood on the floor. The following days he kept a close eye on the place and saw servants and priests enter and stay for long periods of time. Last night an unconscious man in chains was taken into the room, but the character was spotted observing by one of the priests. Running for his life he fled and now has no home or food. This morning he approached a friend gathering supplies at the market and was told he was named as a devil worshipper because a body was discovered in his quarters, an obvious sacrifice, and his disappearance proves his guilt. Now he is determined to find out what is happening and to clear his name. Perhaps his parents were wrongly convicted as well?
  4. He seeks a mighty weapon of rghteousness. Every year the church sends out the five best acolytes to go into the world and quest for the item and return with whatever news and rumours they uncover about it. It is day one for him, and life in this world is nothing like the life inside the church!
  5. She serves not one god but a whole pantheon and tries to obey at all times. Now two of the gods are ordering her to spy on the servants of the other. How long can she stay neutral, what will happen if she is discovered, and why is there such a rift in the pantheon?
  6. The question was never “Who do you serve?”, but always “What do you serve?” He sees the spirit in all things and was excommunicated for his heresy. Now things have started speaking to him, and he wonders if he should obey.
  7. Compassion and mercy create more of the same. By following this group who fight evil and journey into parts unknown, he can offer healing and comfort to others and spread the word of his god’s greatness.
  8. He has always been able to cast minor spells of healing and blessing. It is a treasured gift. However, as he experiences more of the world his powers seem to be growing, and he’s become curious about their source. He is especially worried of doing something that will cause the spells to stop coming, so he seeks understanding and to find the source of his magic.
  9. Hand-picked by the shaman to be his disciple years ago, the castings are proving elusive. Try as he might, only the most minor of powers are available to him to help his tribe. Disgusted, the shaman exiled him, warning him not to return until he could summon curtains of fire, rock the ground and bring injured warriors back from the Grey Lands after battle.
  10. His role as servant of a powerful noble was determined at birth, and the church has trained him well to serve, protect and advise. However, something awful is happening within the noble’s house. Servants have disappeared, pools of blood discovered in the mornings, and the noble and his chief servants look drawn and haggard. Then the unthinkable happened and the noble disappeared a week ago, but his son has told everyone not to worry and he is in charge now. He angers quickly when others suggest forming search parties or divining where his father might be. Some of the servants loyal to the character overheard the son saying the character can no longer be trusted and something will have to be done. The servants helped the characer escape, but now he is penniless, on the streets with no idea what to do next.
  11. She has always been able to see and speak with spirits. However this was against the church’s teachings so she kept her ability secret. Recently, the spirits have become restless, causing supernatural havoc within the church. The priests are preparing to cast out or slay all the troublesome spirits. Now the spirits have come to her with warnings the church is in danger from an old foe long throught dead. If she delivers the warning she might be revealed and cast out as well. She also feels compelled to save as many of the spirits as she can, though they do not heed her warnings of the imminent attack by the priests. Torn between loyalties, she must pick a side soon and then somehow deal with the larger threat to the church.
  12. Ancient foes drove his religion underground, scratching out a secret existence in the ruins of a buried village. But the signs that were foretold have finally come, and it is time to venture forth and not only re-introduce the world to the religion again, but suss out the old foes to finish the battle.
  13. The Order of the Red Eye is a secret organization within the church formed to bring retribution against blasphemers. Seen as someone with great promise, the Order has recruited the character and started his secret trainings. He must report all incidents of blasphemy to them or take care of the sinners himself. Last night the Order summoned told him to seek out and join a band of mercenaries who have travelled to the area and aid them on their quest. However, he must also ensure no blasphemy takes place unpunished on the quest.
  14. She is but a mere pilgrim, her destination a legendary holy site with no known location. She travels the world looking for this site that promises the devout who pray there will become one with their god.
  15. He has been chosen to be a divine freedom fighter, bound to find and free all followers who have been imprisoned by foes, blasphemers and evil forces, and to overthrow tyranny wherever it stains the earth.
  16. Formerly a refugee camp volunteer and worker, she realized her ministrations only brought temporary reprieve to suffering and the larger problems remain unabated. Steeling herself, she has left the camp to find the root cause of the world’s sufferings and fix the problems through any means so the pain and sorrow can end for all.
  17. A travelling priest arrived just in time to save the character’s mother from the plague. He vowed to take up the same calling, but now that he is old enough he has doubts as his friends learn to fight and are earning great rewards with an evil mercenary captain.
  18. She stole the golden chalice from a church to feed her homeless family one day. Rogues cornered her in an alley, and before they could do their violence the chalice emitted a beam of light and smote them down. She returned the artefact, received training from the church, and now she goes forth to protect the weak.
  19. Terrified by dreams as a child, he eventually realized the nightly visions were being unknowlingly emiited by a dying god. He must go out now to save the god.
  20. His father was a diplomat, and now he plans to use his growing powers of healing to bring two warring nations to peace and properity.
  21. He discovered a scroll with a dungeon map and instructions on it – a priest need only utter the divine words at the central altar and great power will be his. Now he researches for the location and words, and prepares to battle through and reach the altar.
  22. He purchased a book of wisdom from a merchant glad to be rid of the useless tome. The book taught him the power of meditation, peace and harmony, As he mastered the skills he discovered magical forces came under his control. How should he use these new powers? And should he teach anyone else how to access their own?
  23. He used to be a pirate but now seeks to reform outlaws and renegades.
  24. He feels ecstacy when his god’s power flows through him. But there are so few opportunities to cast spells within the temple. He craves to cast more powerful spells so he may feel even more divine power flow through him. So, he left the temple to carry out his god’s will in the world, looking for excuses to wield his magicks.
  25. A war broke out in the heavens and gods desperately need followers and souls to fuel their battles. Tasked with spreading the word and bringing new believers into the fold, he has joined a strange group of friends intent on exploring ruins and fighting evil. With their protection, he can travel to new places and hopefully find potential new followers. Converting some of his new friends is always a possibility as well.
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