On Monday Feb 7, we had our 150,000 visitor!

It seems like it was just last week that we hit the 100K milestone (it was actually June 2010). Johnn and I would like to thank each and every visitor. We hope that each and every one of you found something worthwhile to take away from our efforts.

To be exact, we have now had 150,466 visits from 90,906 producing 280,735 page views. Those numbers are awesome for just two years in operation, and we are both very proud of them. But we are even more proud of the fact that of those almost 91,000 visitors, almost 40% have been to our site more than once. In fact, almost 1800 people have visited more than 200 times, over 5000 have visited more than 100 times, and over 22000 have visited at least 15 times!

Once again, we would like to extend special thanks to each and every person who has taken the time to comment on one of our articles. You provide the encouragement to keep us ticking over and the stimulation to keep our minds ticking over.

And, for the record, our three most popular posts are:

  1. The Nimble Mind – Making Skills Matter in RPGS
  2. Building The Perfect Beast: A D&D 3.5 online monster generator
  3. 6 Ways To Enhance Magic Items

Our next milestone is 300,000 page views. We hope to reach that inside the next two months. After that comes 100,000 unique visitors and 200,000 visits, and both of those should happen in 2011 as well. Campaign Mastery is going from strength to strength; we hope to see all of you when we achieve those milestones together!

Cheers, freinds. We wish you all more fun at the gaming table!

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