100th post

So, this is our 100th post to CM.

It’s also just a couple of weeks short of our first anniversary.

It’s been a great year at CM, full of positive experiences.

So Johnn and I thought we might take this chance to reminisce…

Ask the GMs - Mike

Mike’s Memories

It’s been a fantastic year.

CM’s articles have set the bar for articles very high – far higher than we really expected when we first started. While we were groping around a bit for the first post or two, we found our feet really quickly.

The site has gotten some great reviews, which has been absolutely fantastic. I appreciate the recognition we’ve recieved more than I can express in words, and at the same time I am constantly aware of the responsibility that such positive words carry to live up to them in future.

I’ve especially enjoyed the times I’ve been able to write about my philosophy of gaming, and of world creation, and of campaign creation. There have been some very rewarding discussions concerning house rules, as well. And the compliments and comments on the posts relating to material from my own campaigns have been really gratifying.

I am especially proud of the great participation we’ve had with our readers. Even when dealing with hot topics, we’ve been able to walk the fine line between expounding our own views and respecting the views of others. The end result has been great discussion that has never degenerated into flame wars – not even once. My congratulations and appreciation to everyone who has posted a comment! You’re a bigger part of CM than perhaps you realise.

Another success has been Ask The GMs, which was an idea that neither Johnn nor I had even thought of when we started CM. It’s really great to have been able to help so many GMs.

You may have noticed that we recently added a new panel to our RHS navigation on the site, listing our favorite posts for the year. These are the posts that we’re proudest of, so if you havn’t read them already, go ahead and check them out. Hopefully, you’ll find them as useful and interesting to read as they were to write.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got; so I’ll throw the metaphoric spotlight over to Johnn. Thanks for joining us for our first hundred posts, and we look forward to sharing another hundred with you!

— Mike

Ask the Game Masters - Johnn

Johnn’s Reflections

Time flies when you are having fun. It seems like yesterday Mike and I were planning out Campaign Mastery and discussing what kinds of posts we’d create, how often we’d post, and how we’d organise the website.

It has been great getting into a regular posting rhythm. I was worried whether I could fit a regular blog into my life, but as I learned from Roleplaying Tips, consistency creates habits that always seem to find a way to fit into busy lives. Oh, and Mike has been an awesome blogging partner and he covered my carcass several times this year when I became too swamped to post. Hehe.

The Ask The GMs column was a great surprise. When publishing, you never know for sure if what you’re rambling on about is going to be useful to gamers. By answering a question, though, you are guaranteed to at least be helping one person! Plus, it’s great learning what specific issues game masters have these days with their camapigns, and your help requests let us know what we should be writing more about in the future.

If you have any GMing questions for Ask the GMs, drop us a line.

All your comments have been great. Several have helped my campaigns, and I apprectate the time and thought you put into your replies. I’ve seen many blogs with long lists of comments that are just one-liner me too responses. But your comments here are full of wonderful details and game master advice. This not only inspires Mike and I, but you are keeping the RPG community thriving by helping other game masters run their campaigns.

I think Mike feels the same as I do that we are getting better at this blogging thing with each and every post. My enthusiasm for Campaign Mastery continues to grow and grow. Every week I keep adding post ideas to my planning wiki – there will never be a shortage, lol.

Looking forward to the next year, we’re going to keep up with our twice-weekly updates, I have my Combat Hazards series to continue, plus a couple other series I’m mulling over.  Requests are always welcome. Mike and I continue to plan posts to help inspire your campaigns and keep them running.

I’ll be looking forward to all your comments in the next 100 posts!

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